Marlena Kopacz

The perfect afternoon

9 am: Wake up, make banana pancakes and coffee for roommate and I.

11am: Watch Saturday morning cartoons.

noon: Head out to the West Village, stumble upon a Designers Market with the most gorgeous statement necklaces. Move on and eat lunch at Dos Caminos with a glass of champagne.

2 pm: Chelsea Market! Try some wine, eat some cookies. Wandered into a book store where I laughed so hard I cried.


4 pm: Moved to the High Line. Crowded as expected but still a great place to enjoy.


Remainder of the night: Definitely taking it easy.


I’m not homeless!

While hostel living has been very interesting, I can happily say that I no longer have to sleep in a room with 11 other girls who come and go at odd hours of the night and set their alarms for 5:30 in the morning. Yep, I’ve moved onto something bigger and better:


That is an inflatable queen sized mattress that I’m currently sleeping on. I’m living the dream out here and I’ve even found an outlet for my creativity…


That is my makeshift nightstand.

With an unfurnished room, I don’t have many options but I’m super pumped that I finally found somewhere to stay. It’s until the end of September, which works out. A friend and I are going to start looking at more permanent apartments with leases that we can move into in October. Not sure on location but we have some time. 

I’ve strolled around the neighborhood a little. Astoria is really diverse so there’s a lot going on. Astoria Park is only a few blocks away so I plan on checking that out sometime this week. But I took a picture of the view while I waited for the subway today..


Not bad, right?